At last!

Courtesy Eric Albrecht: That's me helping to hold a line.

Hurray!  I finally get to do Booty Camp for Dolls tomorrow!  I had a bit of an injury…strained a latissimus dorsus.  That sucked.  It still hurts a lot, but I’m gonna go to the class and do what I can do.  I’m especially excited because one of my best friends is going to try it out, too.  It will be double awesome: pole dancing and seeing Kristen!

Courtesy Amy Jolene Hutcheson

Courtesy Amy Jolene Hutcheson

Once Ragnarok (June 12-19) is over, I’ll be able to focus a bit more on pole.  As it stands now, Ron and I have been working really hard to get ready.  We’re running errands and making all kinds of cool stuff to use while we’re there.  And on top of that, naturally, we’re working.  So every free minute has been filled by Dagorhir.

The campground where Ragnarok is held is called Cooper’s Lake Campground, near Slippery Rock, PA.  Last year it drizzled for a lot of the week, but there was only one major downpour, so I’m looking forward to a — relatively — dry week.  We are working on really setting ourselves up for luxurious camping.  We got a 10×20 feet tent (well, technically it’s a carport, but there aren’t any rules against sleeping inside of it.)  It will house the bed that Ron put together with a king sized air mattress!  There will be rugs, curtains, and carpets on the floor and what we’re going to call the “parlour” where we can commune with friends and Corey can hand out massages.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.

This is the battlefield -- complete with castle -- at Cooper's Lake Campground where Ragnarok is held.

The campground itself will house between 1000-1500 people for the duration of the event, but the focus of Rag is the fighting.  There is a truly massive battlefield WITH A CASTLE built on it that we use for the fighting.  We are going to be well-outfitted and ready; look for more pics when I get back.

So we fight by day and party by night.  The way Dagorhir works is it’s set up by regions.  Because the fantasy is set in Tolkien’s world,

Courtesy Christina Papastathis

Courtesy Christina Papastathis: Getting ready for a legendary Mordorian party.

depending on where you are in the states, that will determine the Tolkien realm to which you belong.  (There aren’t strict rules regarding which Tolkien race you have to be, but it usually makes sense to socialize and fight with the people in your own realm on a regular basis.  That’s how you get good.)  Loveland is the heart of Mordor, which is pretty awesome because we all get to play evil orcs!  Ron’s character is Mikar Meatsplitter (Mikar means “beard” in black — orcish — speech.)  My character is Baast, named after an Egyptian cat goddess.

Anyway, we evil groups know how to throw some pretty sweet parties!  We keep things very safe; everyone is welcome in our camp as long as they can act civil and polite, so Mordor gets pretty popular when people are ready to have some fun.  One of our guys brings a gigantic canvas military-issue tent which we call The Stagger Inn.  This year, for the first time ever, the Stagger will be equipped with POLES!  If we were a hit before, I think we’re gonna reach a new height this year.  Not that women will be stripping — that’s not a great idea when you’re camping — but I’ll bet they’ll be dancing and having fun, and fun is what we Mordorians want to be known for.

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