Well, I’d like to dance tomorrow…

This is just like me.  I get really caught up in a new hobby, but life kind of gets in the way and then it’s a bummer when I can’t keep going and going!  Tomorrow is the Booty Camp for Dolls class and Pole Level 1-2 at DollHouse Pole Studio, but alas; I won’t be able to be there.  This last week was my first starting my new job and it was exceedingly busy!  I’m so tired that the thought of getting up early and doing anything kind of hurts.  I plan on next week though; I’ll do Pole Level 1-2 because I have to teach my own fitness class first thing in the morning.

In the meantime, here is a “before” picture of me.  Tabitha at the studio suggested I take a shot like that so I can see how strong my upper body becomes.  I’m already pretty strong, but my upper body could definitely use some more work.  (Pull-ups?  Never happened for me.)  I look forward to when I can compare this picture to my new pole body!

I have also been trying to tailor my workouts a bit more to fit in with pole.  During my weight training days I am doing assisted pull-ups because it’s the move that uses those pole muscles (the deltoids and latissimus dorsi) the most.  I’m hoping that training for pole will make them feel more fun.  I also do a lot of cardio (right now, mostly running.)  I’m getting ready for the Bolder Boulder.  What I love about running ( and swimming, for that matter,) in pole preparation is that both help to give you a long, lean physique.  They’re graceful cardio with a little less risk of injury than, say, boxing, rugby, soccer, or Dagorhir.  Finally, I also aim to do 20 minutes of yoga three times a week.  That’s good for everything, but flexibility is super important on the pole, especially as you move into more advanced territory.

Check out http://www.dollhousepolestudio.com/ to see some shots of women with amazing strength and flexibility.

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