He's ready for a fight!

Some Dagorhir participants at Ragnarok 2010

So, my other hobby — Dagorhir — is at the forefront of my life at the moment.  It’s a sport that involves fighting with foam weapons.  It’s full contact, and on the battlefield there are usually 8-10 men for every woman.  So it’s something I have to be really strong to do.  Ron and I have met some truly amazing people through Dagorhir.

The biggest event of the year for our sport is coming up.  It’s called Ragnarok and runs from June 12-19.  It’s in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  We get to camp out for a week.  By day we go to a HUGE battlefield (with a full castle on it!) and fight with about 1500 other people.  By night we party by bonfire, socialize with old friends, and meet new ones.  Our friend Corey got us into this, and he and his wife are going as well.  Plus, our friend James and his wife, Keiko, are coming all the way from Japan!

Ron and I have been getting ready for a couple of months now.  We really do it up; the more we do early on, the more fun we have and the more comfortable we are when we get there!  Ron’s been working hard to get a real bed ready for us to take while we camp.  We bought a gigantic tent that will hold a king size bed and air mattress!  We got the tent set up in the driveway today to get an idea of how to put it together.  It’s so huge, it won’t even fit in the garage.  (I know because we tried to stuff it in there when it started raining.)

We have also been getting garb and other gear together.  For these events — and fighting in general — there are clothing rules to help make the experience more authentic.  Think JRR Tolkien’s world in “Lord of the Rings.”  I really need to make some leather armor for my chest.  Torso shots are considered “kill” shots, and anywhere on the torso counts.  Ladies, let me tell you: that can get uncomfortable.  So we’ve been trying to plan out some cool armor for my character.

There’s a lot to tell about Dag, but I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future.  (Ragnarok IS coming.)  In the meantime, boy are my shoulders sore from all that pole dancing!

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