Finding a new hobby

I’ve been searching for a way to somewhat fill what free time I have.  With a full time job as a dietitian and a husband whom I really enjoy hanging out with, perhaps this sounds weird.  But I have been looking for an activity that helps define and accentuate who I am.  I want something that provides goals and achievements to meet.

I’ve been a very physically active person for a long time, doing triathlons, lifting weights, hiking, etc, as well as providing others with personal training services.  I used to do ballet, tap, and jazz dancing when I was younger and that never really stopped, though it’s become more for fitness than actual training.  When I heard about DollHouse Pole Studio opening up in Boulder, I had a feeling I’d found my new hobby.

I’ve always been impressed with the moves that women can do when they’re pole dancing, but there haven’t been a whole lot of outlets for me to try it out myself (aside from amateur night at a local strip club, and that might take more courage than I have.)  But the studio came forth on its promise of being non-threatening and very educational.

I tried my first classes on May 11 and am now completely hooked!  We learned moves that look awesome and that I will actually be able to do.  I also met some fun and amazing women, including one of my local heroines, Aimee Heckel.  (Check out her columns on the Boulder Camera’s web site!)

This blog will be about my journey of learning to pole dance.  In addition to that, I will write about another slightly off-the-wall hobby of mine, but more on that to come.  I hope you enjoy!

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